Bipolar Mania Quiz

Do you have any manic games?

Do you suspect that you have had moments of frustration? Do you think that you can become rich right now? Use the list below to see if you have any of the symptoms you are experiencing, and check your notes at the end.

The test is written as if you now have symptoms. If you are concerned about the symptoms you had in the past, consider a period of at least one week when other symptoms in each group were present daily , for most of the day.

Please note that this is not a legal check. The results are intended for use in consulting a physician about your mental state.

Unique Behavior

Keep the number of questions where your answer is Yes in each category.

Group 1

Do you have an unusual increase in energy and / or activity?

Do you feel extraordinarily happy, even though nothing in your life can be responsible for it? Happiness may have begun with something special, but happiness has lasted longer than usual.

Do your emotions go unnoticed ?

Are you incredibly angry for a real reason?

Group 2

These symptoms should represent a significant difference from your normal behavior or experience.

Is your self-esteem higher than normal, or do you have grandiosity ?

Do you feel comfortable with just a few hours of sleep?

Do you speak louder than usual, or do you often feel inadequate?

Do you have a game mindset , or do you talk too fast, swaying from head to toe ( emotional outbursts )?

Are you easily deceived?

Are you not physically fit, or are you getting into serious activities (like painting a garage at 2 in the morning, or suddenly inviting 20 people over for dinner that night)?

Do you take risks without considering the consequences?

Group 3

Does your behavior cause serious problems in your life (for example, serious problems in relationships or at work or at school)?

Do you have good manners , or are you dirty ?

Have you ever had to be hospitalized because of your symptoms to prevent you from injuring yourself or others?

Shopping is selfish

Note: After you have received your results, it is important to read some of the Key Points below.

Group 1:
E = = 0
2+ points E = 1 point

Group 2:
E-1-2 = = 0 points 0
3+ E = 1 point

Group 3:
1 = E = 1 point

Voluntary Consequences

In total, 3 points need to be found as a manic component. However, the presence of multiple symptoms in any single group is an indication that you need a mental health check-up. Your doctor may determine if you have a mental illness.


You may have hypomania instead of mania.

You may have a mixed clip.

You may have other illnesses such as schizophrenia or a short-term mental illness .

Some Important Points

You also need to consider the following:

Did your symptoms start with using illegal drugs? If so, the diagnosis of mania cannot be confirmed, but you should get treatment immediately.

Have your symptoms started after you have taken prescription or other therapies? If Yes, the presence or absence of bipolar mania should be evaluated by a physician, but again, you should seek treatment immediately.

In conclusion

The symptoms of the mental illness listed above are always a cause for concern and may indicate a manic defect. If you are worried about any of them, seeking medical attention is recommended.

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