The problem of isolation

Being infected, or being infected with a virus, means the fear of being infected

Being infected, or infected with a virus, means a terrible fear of being infected. It is normal and wise to be concerned about such matters as food contamination, dehydration, and hygiene. However, if you have a suicidal idea, these normal things change a lot. It is common to have phobia, affecting even celebrities like Howie Mandel.

Mysophobia le OCD

The disease is thought to be linked to chronic illness (OCD) . OCD stress is repetitive, persistent and unnecessary cravings or images that cause distress or anxiety. These images often come in as you try to think or do other things.

Alerts often have topics in them, such as:

Fear of pollution or dirt

Having organized and consistent activities

Cruel or terrifying feelings about self-harm or others

Unwanted thoughts, including harassment, or sexual or religious matters

Examples of signs and symptoms include:

Fear of contamination by shaking hands or touching other objects

It is suspected that you close the door or turn off the stove

Severe anxiety when things are out of control or in a certain way

Images of self-harm or someone else

Thoughts of shouting obscenities or behaving inappropriately

Avoid situations that could lead to weight loss, such as shaking hands

Anxiety about unpleasant sexual images on your mind

One of the most common symptoms is frequent hand washing, and it is also a common symptom of OCD. However, the effect of hand washing is different. People with OCD are forced to relieve the suffering they experience as a result of not completing the action themselves, while people with autonomous disabilities are forced to perform this action directly to remove the virus.

The difference is subtle, and most people suffer from both conditions, so it is important to see a mental health professional for a thorough examination.

Symptoms of suicide

If you have suicidal thoughts, you may experience tremors, tremors, swearing , or crying when exposed to soil or bacteria. These symptoms can occur as long as the object of your phobia is visible, such as when digging in a garden, or when you believe that contact with the virus may occur, such as holding hands with someone or using a mortgage.

You can also display unusual behavior. For example, you may receive a lot of rain every day. You may take and use the sanitizer by hand frequently. You may not like to use public rest, share food, or take public transportation.

Problems with treating my ailments

Because people with HIV are afraid of viruses that are transmitted by others, the condition can help you avoid social situations . You may avoid anticipated meetings such as work sessions, holiday meetings, and meetings. When you participate, you may find yourself avoiding contact with the body and frequent hand washing.

Over time, this behavior can lead to isolation. Your friends and relatives may not be aware of this, and they may recognize your opposition.

You may develop a social phobia , in which you begin to fear sharing with others. Eventually you may choose to isolate yourself completely, leading to agoraphobia .

Treatment for Mysophobia

Fortunately, instability can be successfully overcome. It is important to visit a mental health professional as soon as possible as the condition worsens over time. Psychological-behavioral therapy is the most common form of treatment, although medication may also be prescribed. Depending on your treatment, you may be encouraged to diagnose phobia, or you may be taught to control symptoms.

To better understand your treatment options, see the Talk: Review .

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