What is the motive for suicide?

Understanding Suicide Thoughts

Suicide thoughts describe thoughts, feelings, images or images related to suicide. The word is also called suicidal ideation. The word emotion is defined as the feeling of being made or excited.

Regardless of the same motive and suicidal ideation

For adolescents, suicidal thoughts may be triggered by temporary thoughts of suicide.

For this reason, mental health professionals discuss suicidal ideation as useless or active.

Suicidal thoughts include vague notions about suicide. Suicide is considered a way to end the pain, but it is often not done.

The suicidal idea is when a teenager has persistent thoughts of suicide and still feels hopeless. When emotions run high, the teen begins to take steps to attempt suicide.

What Causes Suicide?

Suicidal feelings for teens are often the result of depression or drug abuse and often need to be taken seriously.

Suicide Warning Warnings

There are a few signs that your adolescent may have suicidal thoughts. Expect:

Isolation and isolation, especially if it is sudden

Risking or reacting to risks

Looking for and finding suicidal tendencies, such as getting a gun or a lot of medication

Extreme emotional states

It often refers to death or death

Saying things like, “I wish I was dead” or “I wish I was not born yet”

Delivering goods for no particular reason

Demonstrating hopelessness or a feeling of being locked out of the exit process

Changing sleep, eating or other routines

Making the point of saying no to people

Start taking alcohol and / or drugs, or using them often

Changing the obvious characteristics of their personality

Extreme anger, irritability, depression and / or anxiety

Remember, warning signs can be different for everyone, and some teens keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves, If you feel like your child is showing any symptoms or not appearing alone, be sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Early intervention is essential for any mental illness and if your child is contemplating suicide, it is an emergency.

An Example of Suicide Attempts

Ivana, 15, is devastated when her best friend leaves and feels lonely and insecure. One night he finds himself thinking about suicide as a way to end his painful feelings. He pretends to be himself taking a bottle of pills and falling off a deep sleep he will not wake up. When she wakes up the next day her suicidal thoughts have changed, she knows it is a choice but she feels better and decides to call a friend she has not spoken to for a while.

In the case of an Emergency

If you or your teen needs immediate help for a suicidal idea, call 911 or your emergency number right away. Alternatively, you can call a suicidal suicide number. In the United States, call the National Lifestyle Prevention Lifeline on 800-273-TALK (800-273-8255).

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