What to Do When a Friend Feels Suicide

Suggestions from Top Prevention Agencies

One of the most frightening experiences a person can have is hearing a friend or a loved one say that they want to die. Even hearing a stranger say these words is hard. How can you cope with adversity? Here are some suggestions on how to use suicide prevention strategies

Speak From the Heart

There are no right or wrong things to say if you are talking about love and concern.

Just be yourself. Show that you care by talking to them, touching them when they cry, or whatever you need to do.


The suicidal person often carries another load that they feel they are not doing. Be willing to listen as they express their feelings of despair, anger, and loneliness. Sometimes this is enough to reduce the load just to keep them going.

Stay Open

Be compassionate, do not judge, be patient, be quiet, accept. That person will take your feelings for you and start seeing this for themselves.

Confirm Thoughts of Pride

Do not be afraid to ask, “Do you have a suicidal idea?” You do not put ideas in their head. This will give you valuable information on how to continue helping him.

Get Details

If the answer is yes, then ask yourself three questions:

Have you thought about how you will do it?

Do you have what it takes to complete your plan?

Do you know when you will do it?

Fortunately, most people will say that they have no specific plans or plans to do so on their own. While this is still a serious situation, you know that they may not be in close proximity to self-harm. Take their words for granted and help them to get the help they need.

Encourage them to seek professional help as soon as possible.

If the answers give you the impression that you are at risk, do not hesitate to contact the authorities. They may tell you that you are seducing them or that you are provoking them. You may feel that you will lose their friendship if you take action. Just remember that you can lose their friendship forever if you do not. When they are healthy, they will thank you.

Make Them Speak

This will allow them to lighten their load and give them time to cool down. When you keep them talking, the longer you spend, the less likely you are to become overwhelmed. As their progress slows down, it is difficult for them to control their emotions.

Avoid trying to solve problems

Try not to rush into solutions or minimize the person. How big a problem they are and how much they suffer with it is irrelevant. Sound words do not help to motivate a person when they are in this state of mind. Instead, offer empathy and compassion for what they are feeling without making any decision as to whether they should feel that way.

Time to Look for Help

If someone has already begun to attempt suicide, get help immediately.

If they are still conscious, find out what information you can know about the ingredients they put in, how long they lasted, how much they took, when they finished eating, and their condition good health. Call 911, poison control, or emergency blinding number in your area and describe the situation. Keep quiet and follow any steps they can take to help your friend.

If you are in an online situation, where you do not know anything about the person, encourage them to call 911 or call their local hotline. This is your best option, because a local organization, such as 911 or a hotline, can see the phone and get help from them.

If they refuse to call, do your best to learn whatever you can find about that person. Do not hesitate to ask them for their address, phone number, and other information to help send emergency personnel to their offices.

Take care of yourself

Dealing with the threat of suicide is extremely stressful. Seek help to decompress afterwards. Talk to a trusted friend, your pastor, etc., about what you have done and how you feel about it.

If All Efforts Fail

Do not blame yourself. You have done all you can. This person ultimately makes his or her own decisions, good or bad. If you were a close friend of that person, it would be wise to look for grief counseling and escape suicide.

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